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18-луночное поле гольф клуба Кызыл-Ту

Golf course Pitch&Putt

We want to offer to you a new 18-hole golf course "Pitch Putt" with night lighting, the cost per game on 18 fields.

From Wednesday till Sunday - 10 000 KZT

Second circle - 7 000 KZT

Тренировочное поле гольф клуба Кызыл-Ту

Training field

You can work out for free at our training field (Driving range) measuring 300 yards, with a capacity of 11 people.


Плавательный бассейн в гольф клубе Кызыл-Ту.

SPA and swimming pool

Dear guests you can relax after a hard game in our wonderful spa and swimming pool,minimum order 2 hours (up to 6 people at a time)

1 hour - 5 000 KZT

Аренда клюшек, тележек и другого инвентаря в гольф клубе Кызыл-Ту

Rent of golf equipment

Rent a set of clubs and other auxiliary equipment in our club.

3 000 KZT

Тележки для перевозки Ваших клюшек в гольф клубе Кызыл-Ту

Trolley rental

Rental trucks for transportation of golf clubs and golf inventory in our club.


Корзина мячей 50 штук для игры на тренировочном поле гольф-клуба Кызыл-Ту

Basket – 26 balls

Training balls for warm-up on the Driving range, 1 basket (26 pieces).

1 000 KZT

Для обучения игре в гольф в нашем клубе есть профессиональный тренер

Coach Services

If you still do not know how to play golf or not confident in your abilities, it does not matter, you can treat to our professional coach.

1 hour - 5 000 KZT

Кедди в гольф клубе Кызыл-Ту поможет вам советом

Caddy Services

If you need golf’s assistant, whose duties include carrying of sports equipment and help tips.

5 000 KZT

Ресторан гольф-клуба Кызыл-Ту порадует Вас набором традиционной кухни

Rent of golf cart

Designed to transport golfers and their clubs.

7 000 KZT

Ресторан гольф-клуба Кызыл-Ту порадует Вас набором традиционной кухни


You are welcome to taste our delicious food in comfortable place on the territory “Club House” where you can discuss golf game.

Golf course Pitch&Putt

Golf course "Pitch Putt" with night lighting will allow you to finish even in the twilight.

«Pitch & Putt» - this is a great alternative to golf, with all the elements of this game except for long shots drives. Game round takes 2-3 times less time.


The lengths of the fields of our golf club.

карточка игрока, длина полей, очки за игру


GOLF CLUB "Kyzyl-Tu"
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kyzyl-Tu village.
Mobile: +7 778 747 06 50
Tel: +7 705 666 45 54

Every day from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Closed time: Monday.


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